Anna Lotan Bio-Cosmetic Laboratories  exclusively manufactures functional professional esthetician skin care products for for use in the salon or spa and high class retail products for the home use of their customers.        
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Why does Anna Lotan not have an "Online Shop", where I can buy Anna Lotan products?

We do not offer any Online Shopping facilities.

Anna Lotan creates exclusive, functional professional skin care products for the use of licensed skin care professionals, together with associated home care products for the ongoing use of their clients. They are not available through normal retail outlets.

Our only method of distribution is through these skin care professionals, quality salons and spas. This philosophy of controlled distribution is based on the belief that only trained and licensed professionals can properly determine the best products for use in the spa, salon and home. You should use caution if considering purchasing Anna Lotan products online from any entity which is not an Anna Lotan authorised vendor, regardless of any claim that they may make to the contrary.

Many of our skin care professional clients do provide, with our approval and support, online product sales as part of their own professional internet presence. However, if a site does not appear to be connected to a skin care professional entity, it probably isn't!

We do not knowingly supply, or sanction the sale through, any eBay, Amazon or similar ("cheapest source on the planet!") internet entities, regardless of whatever "Vendor Ratings" they may appear to have gained and can provide no assurance as to the quality or authenticity of any items, which pertain to be the genuine Anna Lotan product, advertised by such vendors.

We cannot tell you not to buy from them, however we can offer you the following points as advice for your consideration:

1) Some, but not all, of them are "bait and switch" operations. They advertise products that they do not have and then offer you a substitute product from another manufacturer once you have ordered.

2) We cannot guarantee the authenticity of any products that they do offer. Every day, the US Customs intercepts shipments of counterfeit skin care products from "distant" countries, some of which contain prohibited ingredients.

3) Nor can we guarantee the freshness of any of their products. Who knows how long they have been on the shelf.

4) Nor can we guarantee the security of any of your personal data that you provide in the course of the transaction.

5) Does it really make good business sense to buy any product from a website that offers you just an email address and only an email address as Contact Information?

Websites which inappropriately and incorrectly misrepresent themselves as having a specific affilation with Anna Lotan include:




They do not have our permission to use the Anna Lotan name nor any other element of our intellectual property.

If you have any doubts about a particular vendor, or are unable to find a convenient location from which to purchase Anna Lotan Skin Care, please contact us or your local distributor directly to ensure your satisfaction.


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