The Greens Experience

The Greens Experience

Product: 954e

The Greens Experience allows skin care professionals to gain a "Hands On" introduction to the Anna Lotan Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Protocol for mature, demanding skin types. Each kit includes an easy, step by step treatment guide, product directions and sufficent product to perform three full facials.


Anna Lotan Treatment Principles:

Use mild formulations to avoid irritation.

Gently encourage skin renewal by exfoliation and smooth skin roughness resulting from accumulation of dead cells.

Hydrate the skin to ease intake of the active components of the treatment.

Support the poor lipid barrier to minimize water loss and increase skin softness.

Prevent oxidative and further UV damage to skin cells.

Trigger the skinís own defence mechanism to improve skin condition and minimize premature aging.

Provide modern wrinkle relaxing components to minimize the appearance of fine lines, both temporarily and for the long term.


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