Anna Lotan Bio-Cosmetic Laboratories - Exclusively manufactures functional products for professional estheticians for use in the professional salon followed by high class retail products (some of which were gathered in this site) for home use of their customers.        
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Anna Lotan Barbados - Care for Sensitive Oily, Combination, Seborrheic Skin & T-zone Redness
ANNA LOTAN Body Care products were designed specifically to strengthen the function of the skin as the protective outer organ of the body while, at the same time, caring for the skin leaving it softer, smoother, and more glowing. These products keep the skin hygienically clean and protect it from sun damage and oxidation while improving the skin’s inner nourishment by the use of mineral and essential ingredients. The products have the capacity to exfoliate based on Alpha Hydroxy Acids or marine algae that remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, smoothing and speeding up the skin’s natural renewal process. In addition, there is a range of specialized products such as maximal softening products for problem areas such as the soles of the feet, antiperspirant, after waxing soothing products, and a “preventive” range of items that help fight unwanted microorganisms and fungi such as Athlete’s foot. Continued use of these body care products will enable the user to maintain a healthier skin that reveals its natural beauty.  
Anna Lotan Liquid Gold - The Anti Wrinkle Magic of Siberian Seabuckthorn Care for Mature, Dehydrated Skin
Anna Lotan greens - Anti Aging Care for Mature, Demanding Skin
Anna Lotan CLEAR - Care for oily, problem, acne prone skin
Anna Lotan New Age Control - Modular Skin Renewal Treatment
Anna Lotan C White - Lightening for both Young & Mature Skin
Anna Lotan Renova - Professional Care for Dry Skin
Anna Lotan Classic - Basic Tender Loving Skin Care
Anna Lotan Alodem - Special Care for Fragile Skin
Anna Lotan Eye Contour - Care for the Most Vunerable Facial Area
Anna Lotan Body Care - Safeguarding Your Skin
Anna Lotan Care for Hands & Feet
Anna Lotan Hypoallergenic Treatment Makeup
Anna Lotan Sun Care - Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
Anna Lotan Supplements - Serums to Optimize Treatments
Anna Lotan Professional - Products for Skin Care Professionals
Anna Lotan Professional Spa Care Products
Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care Accessories
Bio Mineral Scrub

Bio Mineral Scrub

code: 4458  200 ml.

A refreshing, skin smoothing scrub that leaves a velvety soft skin. The combination of AHA, wheat proteins, and toning extracts from Mediterranean herbs effectively assists exfoliation, easing removal of dead cells from the skin's surface. Natural Dead Sea minerals melt instantly during use and prevent damage from "over polishing" the skin. Economical and easy to use, a small quantity is sufficient to achieve maximal benefit in less than a minute.

Mineral Hand Cream 

Mineral Hand Cream

code: 150  100 ml.

Dead Sea minerals combined with marine algae and Mediterranean Knotweed extract protect the hands from cracks and dryness and assist in maintaining the skin soft and smooth. Especially beneficial after exposing the hands to water or environmental hazards.

Mineral Foot Softening Balsam 

Mineral Foot Balsam

code: 060  100 ml.

A concentrated balm which contains a wealth of essential oils (Sandalwood, Sage)and purifying tree resins (Myrrh and Propolis) in addition to plant extracts that eliminate cracks and smooth the skin (Knotweed). Offers excellent softening properties and greatly supports the barrier function of thin, fragile skin.

Antiperspirant Cream

Antiperspirant Cream

code: 088  50 ml.

A fragrance free cream formula which effectively eliminates unwanted body odour. A small quantity will usually be sufficient for more than one day. Excellent for use on feet, underarms, and other areas of the body. For improved skin tolerance, the aluminium salts present are protected with a waxy starch coating.

Deodorant Roll-on

Deodorant Roll-on

code: 747  70 ml.


An amazing, easily absorbed, roll-on deodorant for daily use. Keeps the skin dry and, very effectively, dispels undesired body odours. The formula contains a herbal astringent extract together with Natural Dead Sea minerals which replace part of the conventional salts normally used to obtain an antiperspirant effect. This lotion is tough enough for active men, yet delicate enough for the female skin, while ensuring an "odour free" sensation of freshness all day long.

Parasol Sun Guard Lotion SPF 30

Parasol Sun Guard Lotion SPF 30

code: 237  100 ml.

A rich moisturizing lotion designed to provide high broad spectrum sun protection for all skin types. Leaves a velvety smooth skin without any oily after-feel. Formulated as a W/O (Water in Oil) emulsion to provide adequate water resistance. The lotion provides effective protection against most (more than 95%) of the penetrating UVA rays, making it ideal for everyday use and for all types of outdoor activity. An excellent "gentlemans choice" for a shaved or bald head.

Noni Nail Shield

Noni Nail Shield

code: 128  16 ml.

A natural, preservative free, quick drying gel which is the perfect daily care for soft or brittle nails. Leaves a transparent, fortifying shield on nails that is impermeable to water. Myrrh resin, Tea Tree and Sage oils maintain optimal hygienic conditions in the nail and cuticle around it. Precious Noni seed oil naturally support the nails protective barrier function and enhances nail liveliness and flexibility. This formulation is free of the Formaldehyde frequently found in nail strengtheners.

Lip Plumper

Plumping Lip Balm

With Dead Sea Minerals

code: 074  30 ml.

A special intensive Lip care that effectively smoothes and hydrates the Lips, promoting a fuller look due to the presence of the active oligo-peptide MAXI-LIP . Within just a few days, Lip moisture is considerably increased and Lip lines become better defined leaving that dry chapped appearance as a thing of the past. Premium emollients and rich vegetable butters enhance skin softness, Dead Sea minerals support moisture binding to the skin while red saline water algae (Dunaliella) and vitamins E and C enhance the protection of the delicate skin of the Lips. With no chemical preservatives, this formulation helps to maintain Lip beauty naturally.

LoveLips SPF 30

LoveLips Lipomade SPF 30

code: 216  20 ml.

This special lipomade gives an "intensive treatment" for your Lips: moisturizes, smooths, “plumps”, shapes and protects giving a rejuvenated appearance! Apply just once a day for optimal results and fuller looking Lips. Excellent under any type of lipstick, improving its quality while enhancing the appearance of your Lips.

Body Lotion with Siberian Seabuckthorn Oil

Body Lotion

code: 126  200 ml.
        7126  625 ml.

A luxurious body cream to enrich the skin and protect it from dryness. Contains a unique blend of natural oils such as Jojoba & Seabuckthorn - rich in carotene, retinol, vitamins and phytosterols, which  delicately nourish and soften the skin,together with Burdock Root, protein-rich Soya Whey,  Berberis extract and Lithospermum extract  which can benefit very dry,scaly &  problem skin. Golden Body Lotion is the perfect choice for dry scaly skin which occasionally feels itchy. When used after bathing it will immediately sooth the skin and relieve discomfort. It is easily absorbed and has a pleasant delicate fragrance.  This cream does not contain conventional chemical emulsifiers (surfactants) and thus assists the skin in maintaining its youthful appearance by protecting it from overdrying and by minimizing the effects of free radicals.

Intimild Liquid Gold Foam Wash

Intimild Foam Wash

code: 135  200 ml.

An intimate cleanser in form of a moisturizing foamy mousse. The Foam dispenser considerably reduces the detergent concentration actually dispensed on the skin in order to minimize irritation. The preservative system has been carefully selected to include only the latest sensitizing components.


Aromagel After Depilation Gel

code: 4106  200 ml.

An aromatic and easily spreadable gel for use immediately after depilation or electrolysis. Eliminates inflammation and exerts a mild astringent effect to promote healing. Prevents redness which can occur after depilation or electrolysis at the end of the hair follicle. Restores the skin's protective film and barrier function which was damaged during hair removal. Specially formulated to ease penetration into the hair follicles which are still open immediately after depilation or electrolysis. Protects the skin against damaging UV rays which can often cause pigmentation spots on "broken skin" following hair removal.

LongWay Massage Cream Oil

Long Way Massage Cream Oil

code:  154  200 ml.
         7154  625 ml.

When applied to the skin as a cream, Long Way transforms itself into an oil as the massage proceeds. This allows a prolonged massage session using only a modest amount of the product! The Massage Cream glides like a rich oil but is readily washable or wiped off with a moist tissue.
Containing a select blend of oils and moisturizing extracts it softens the skin to leave it hydrated and silky smooth, even after a short massage treatment. It also assists in maintaining the body temperature as it requires a few brief interruptions to add more cream.
Long Way Massage Cream serves as an ideal base for essential oils, provided that normal precautions are taken when using these oils.

Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care Products

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