Anna Lotan Bio-Cosmetic Laboratories - Exclusively manufactures functional products for professional estheticians for use in the professional salon followed by high class retail products (some of which were gathered in this site) for home use of their customers.
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Anna Lotan Barbados - Care for Oily, Seborrheaic Skin & T-zone Redness
Tender Loving Care for Normal Skin

The condition of the skin is dynamic and subject to constant change. It is both age related and influenced by lifestyle, nutrition and the degree of expsoure to environmental hazards. In reality, the skin type known as "Normal" is invariably skin in transition. It is no longer subject to the skin problems of adolessence and not, as yet, facing the problems more common with mature skin.

The Classic Care line is formulated for users that have yet to develop more defined characteristics such as "Sensitive", "Combination" or "Dry" Skin. It serves a wide spectrum of users that do not have a specific condition such as acne or hyper-pigmentation.

Pleasant and easy to use, Anna Lotan Classic provides what you need to maintain normal skin with tender loving care, offering efficient hygiene, softening emollients, effective antioxidants and reliable environmental protection.
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Anna Lotan Classic Brochure

Pleasant and easy to use, Anna Lotan Classic provides what you need to maintain Normal skin with tender loving care, offering efficient hygiene, softening emollients, effective antioxidants and reliable environmental protection.

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Classic Professional Experience

The Classic Professional Experience

For Skin Care Professionals Only

code: 956e.

The Classic Experience allows skin care professionals to gain a "Hands On" introduction to the Anna Lotan Classic Treatment Protocol for normal to dry skin. Each kit includes an easy, step by step treatment guide, product directions and sufficent product to perform three full facials.

This product is designated For Professional Use Only

Classic Creamy Foaming Gel

Creamy Foaming Gel

code: 325 200 ml.

A liquid soap designed to minimize drying of delicate skin. Following rinsing, the skin will feel smooth, soft and perfectly clean.

Enriched with emollients (neutral triglyceride oil and Shea butter) to protect the lipid layer of the skin without compromising on efficient cleansing. Vitamin E provides free radical protection and premium quality Lithospermum (Gromwell) Root extract, known for its soothing effect on the skin, provides the natural pink colour of the gel.

A paraben free antimicrobial acts as the preservative system to maintain the product's shelf life.

Ideal for cleansing dry skin (mature or young)

Classic Micro Crystal Dermabrasion Peel

Micro Crystal Dermabrasion Peel

code: 326 50 ml.
4326 325 ml.

This peeling cream contains uniformly suspended tiny abrasive particles that evenly polish the outer layers of the skin, thus contributing to it's renewal process.

Deep cleanses the skin during normal use, therefore no preliminary cleansing is required. Hydrating Aloe Leaf Juice, combined with softening emollients, refine the abrasive property of the peel. Toning Knotgrass and Dead Sea minerals enrich the skin with mineral trace elements.

Vitamin E provides protection against oxidation.

Classic Enzymatic Gommage Peeling

Enzymatic Gommage Peeling

With Pearl Extract

code: 340 50 ml.
4340 150 ml.

With Pearl Extract

An extremely moisturizing enzymatic mask with essence of Pearl powder.

Enriched with minerals and added oils to soften and prevent the feeling of dryness. Enzymes derived from the Pineapple fruit help remove dead cells from skin surface. A rich range of active moisturizing components (Polysaccharides, Amino acids and Hyaluronic acid) balance and moderate the peeling and contribute to the hydration of the skin during treatment.

Removing the peeling (Gommage) by massaging or washing off exposes a clean, smooth and extremely fresh skin accompanied by a pleasant feeling of coolness.

Classic Pomegranate Serum

Pomegranate Serum

With Ester C

code: 327 15 ml.
4327 30 ml.

A preservative free, silky smoothing serum with Vitamin C Ester as an active antioxidant which is also known for its skin lightening effect.

Enriched with pure (solvent free) concentrated CO2 extracts of Pomegranate seeds and Gromwell root, that also provide the natural red hue. Additional oil soluble vitamins (E, F & A) provide optimal protection for the natural components.

Equally beneficial for dry, normal or combination skin, this "non tacky" serum is readily absorbed as it pampers the skin and gently restores its lipid mantle and enhances the softness of all skin types without leaving an oily after-feel.

Classic Day & Night Protective Butter

Day & Night Protective Butter

code: 328 60 ml.
4328 225 ml.

A creamy softening butter, enriched with encapsulated, naturally derived SOD (from melon seeds) - a potent antioxidant enzyme that protects against primary free radical formation.

Enhances the skin's defence mechanism against environmental hazards, reducing the tendency to hyper-pigmentation and premature aging. Premium vegetable butters (Shea, Squalane and Seabuckthorn oil) blended with a soothing mineral complex, have a marked softening effect soon after the cream is massaged into the skin, even after a single use. Licorice extract promotes the lightening effect leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

An exclusive, ultra softening, protective cream, providing excellent free Radical Protection for all skin types.

Classic Pampering Body Butter

Pampering Body Butter

code: 324 150 ml.

A rich, buttery body cream designed to provide luxurious and effective care for dry skin, especially during the dry winter season restoring the natural lipid mantle of the skin, which is often depleted after using soaps in the shower.

Formulated with premium emollients and vegetable butters (including Cholesterol and Carrot oil, rich in Vitamin A) to support the skins natural lipid barrier and protect it from over-drying. Enriched with moisturizing amino acids and minerals to increase the moisture binding capacity of the skin. Vitamin E has been added to minimize free radical damage and standardized Aloe Vera juice (from freeze dried powder) contributes to the soothing effect on the skin.

Classic White Pearl Protective Day Cream

White Pearl Protective Day Cream

code: 185 50 ml.
4185 225 ml.

A light, easily absorbed moisturizing day cream with optimal broad spectrum UV protection excellent for all skin types.

Enriched with pearl powder extract and Hyaluronic acid to bind moisture and increase its retention in the skin. Green Tea and a Vitamin E derivative act as antioxidants to provide free radical protection.

Spreads easily and is rapidly absorbed leaving no oily after feel. A temporary whitening due to the presence of micronized Titanium dioxide physical sunscreen particles readily disappears once the moisturizer is absorbed by the skin.

Excellent under makeup for year round protection.

Classic Mineral Splash

Mineral Splash

code: 451 100 ml.

99% Natural
An easily absorbed, natural, oil free fluid gel enriched with premium moisture binding ingredients that instantly refreshes and increases the moisture binding capacity of the skin.

Mimics the Moisturizing components naturally present in the skin. Seaweed and Honeysuckle flower extracts calm the skin while mineral rich Dead Sea water, combined with Hyaluronic acid, provides an instant hydrating sensation.

A totally oil and fragrance free formula. Excellent as an oily skin moisturizer, an instant cooling freshener or a primer when used under any cream for normal or dry skin.

An optimal supplement for various mineral compatible Spa or Salon treatments, leaving a comfortable, smooth sensation.
Classic Pearl Mask

Pearl Mask

code: 094 60 ml.
4094 250 ml.
7094 625 ml.

A luxuriously rich creamy mask formulated to beautify, enrich and sooth normal to dry skin.

Based on naturally derived oils and protected by a paraben free preservative system. Pearl powder extract with CO2 extract of Gromwell root provide a sensation of comfort during mask application and leave a special glow that will become apparent upon removal. Vitamin E and vitamin A (derivative) act as antioxidants to preserve the quality of the vegetable oils in the formula.

Easy to apply and rinse off. Ideal for a quick and effective beauty treatment at home, giving the skin a clean, radiant appearance.

Classic Lipo Soft Cream

Lipo Soft Cream

code: 053 50 ml.
4053 250 ml.
7053 625 ml.

A luxurious facial cream for the enrichment of normal and dry skin. Glides smoothly on the skin, enriching it with premium emollients (Phytosterols, Carrot oil, Essential fatty acids and derivatives of Vitamins A and E) and intensive moisturizers such as Hyaluronic Acid. Ceramides, in a liposomal configuration, are easily absorbed by the skin increasing their impact and reducing the TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). Serves as a day or night cream leaving skin soft and glamorous.

Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care Products

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