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Anna Lotan Barbados - Care for Sensitive Oily, Combination, Seborrheic Skin & T-zone Redness


CLEAR products are especially formulated for oily & problematic (acne prone) skin to help improve the skins condition by reducing excessive oiliness and clogging of pores that sometimes develops into disturbing lesions; helping to lighten comedons (black heads); improving the hygienic conditions of the skin and promoting healthy skin renewal, without over drying. CLEAR formulations make optimal use of the "healing" and anti-oxidant potential of herbs as a natural alternative to medication or chemicals. Minerals from the Dead Sea purify the skin and enhance the skin’s metabolism by osmosis, accelerating waste disposal and overall cell turnover. The products in this line for oily/problem skin do not contain preservatives colors or perfume. Naturally oriented, they have a calming effect on the skin, promoting its vital and youthful appearance.


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    CLEAR Brochure

Anna Lotan CLEAR Brochure

Anna Lotan CLEAR formulations make optimal use of the "healing" and anti-oxidant potential of herbs and Dead Sea Minerals as a natural alternative to medication or chemicals in the treatment of oily, problem, acne prone skin.

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CLEAR Experience

The CLEAR Experience

For Skin Care Professionals Only.

code:  955e.

The CLEAR Experience allows skin care professionals to gain a "Hands On" introduction to the Anna Lotan CLEAR Treatment Protocol for Oily, Problem (Acne Prone) skin. Each kit includes an easy, step by step treatment guide, product directions and sufficent product to perform three full facials.

This product is designated For Professional Use Only

CLEAR Moisturizer

CLEAR Hamelemis Moisturizer

code:  802   70 ml.
         4802  225 ml.

   99% Natural  

Especially designed for soothing oily/problem skin, this soft moisturizer offers gentle relief reducing redness and calming the skin.

Composed almost totally (>99%) with ingredients from natural origin, includes calming and hydrating herbal extracts: Aloe, Lichen, Honey and the patented Cinnamon derivative SEPICONTROL™ which is especially beneficial for oily skin problems. The natural oils in the formula are carefully selected from those least prone to oxidation (Jojoba and Triglycerides). Vitamin E combined with a naturally derived preservative system maintains the quality of the natural components in the mask.



Purifying Cleanser

code:  803  125 ml.

   100% Natural  

A gentle, purifying foam, especially good for oily/problem, acne prone skin, made entirely from sustainable, natural origin ingredients (Sulfate free, naturally preserved and scented). The easy to use dispenser optimizes the foam quantity ready to be applied to all facial areas. Efficiently cleanses without over-drying the skin to avoid the vicious circle typical with oily problem skin types. A novel molecule, that combines the water soluble amino-acid Glycine with the oil soluble Undecylenic Acid, balances the skin and improves surface hygienic conditions.

CLEAR Hydrator

CLEAR Hydrator

Intensive Quenching Mask

code:  807  70 ml.

   100% Natural  

An optimal, 100% Naturally derived replacement for the steam hydration traditionally used to "open up" pores before the deep pore cleansing of impure or acne prone skin. This deeply hydrating biological gel acts a cold "plumping" mask to open up pores before deep pore cleansing.

Intensively hydrates the skin while alleviating redness and, at the same time, soothing the skin due to the presence of soothing components such as Malva, Green Tea and Aloe Vera. Allows deep cleansing to be performed gradually, part by part, keeping the hydration mask longer where it is needed.

CLEAR Peeling

CLEAR Peeling

Rinse Off Exfoliating Scrub

code:  809  150 ml.

   100% Natural   Hypoallergenic  

A deep cleansing, exfoliating facial scrub that leaves the skin clean and smooth after every use. Formulated with sustainable, natural origin ingredients, including scent and preservative system. Ideal for oily, impure skin, on a daily basis and equally effective for all other skin types two to three times a week. The combination of natural emollients, wheat proteins, and herbal toning extracts assists exfoliation and accelerates removal of dead cells from the skin's surface. Dead Sea mineral grains act as abrasive particles that melt instantly when water is added, allowing the user limit the intensity and duration of the scrub according to his individual skin needs. Economical and easy to use, a small quantity will provide maximal benefit in just a minute.

CLEAR Dry Touch

CLEAR Dry Touch

Purifying Spot Treatment

code:  806   50 ml.
         4806  125 ml.

   99% Natural  

A local application, purifying astringent gel for oily-problem (acne prone) skin, formulated for both professional and home use. Enriched with purifying herbal astringents (Lichen, Mimosa and Myrrh) that support oily skin hygiene, the gel contains organic coneflower (Echinacea) extract and tapioca seed powder to calm the skin and vitamin B5 and balancing moisturizers to prevent over drying. Almost totally formulated with natural ingredients, it is naturally scented and preservative free.



Soothing Moisture Balance

code:  805  70 ml.

   99% Natural  

Especially designed for soothing oily/problem, acne prone skin, this soft, moisture balancing treatment mask offers immediate relief, reducing redness and calming the skin after treatment. The mask is almost totally composed of ingredients from natural origin, such as the calming and hydrating herbal extracts: Aloe; Lichen, Honey and the patented Cinnamon derivative SEPICONTROL™ that is especially beneficial for oily skin problems. The natural oils in the mask are carefully selected from those least prone to oxidation (Jojoba and Triglycerides). And, Vitamin E combined with a naturally derived preservative system maintains the quality of the natural components in the mask.

CLEAR Protector

CLEAR Protector

Oil Free Sunscreen Gel

code:  804  50 ml.


An easily absorbed, clear gel formulation that leaves a protective film on the skin, without any oily residue. This well balanced sunscreen formulation offers high UVB/UVA protection to prevent sunburn and the development of pigmentation spots on oily impure skin.

CLEAR Protector is an alcohol based gel that supports the oily skin's hygiene efficiently, allowing the formulation to be totally preservative free. This may cause a temporary tingling that usually disappears once the gel is absorbed by the skin.

Natural Aloe Vera leaf juice and Lithospermum root extract in the formulation contribute to the soothing of the skin. Added antioxidants (Vitamin E Acetate and Dunaliella Salina Seaweed extract) give protection against free radicals which is especially important during exposure to the sun.

It is perfect for use outdoors, for face or body during training or sport activities and is also an ideal choice for men with shaved or bald heads.

Salvital Serum – 100% Natural Rinse off Dead Sea Peel

Dead Sea Bio-Peel Salvital

Exfoliating Massage and Rinse

code:  086 125 ml.
         4086 500 ml.

   100% Natural  

A totally (100%) natural product, free of preservatives, fragrances and emulsifiers. It purifies, softens, smooths and energizes the skin, whilst nourishing it from within and ridding it of it's wastes. A temporary tingling may be felt during application, due to the high mineral content in the product. Ideal as a body (or scalp) peel for use in the shower. In addition it may serve as an exfoliating peel for oily impure skin. Shake before use! Rinse off thoroughly afterwards!

Black Silt Activating Mask

CLEAR Black Silt

Activating Mask

code: 767   90 gr.
        4767 300 gr.

   100% Natural  

A natural Dead Sea mud mask with a unique texture and a versatile effect on different skin types. It adheres to the skin and forms a dark glossy film that is easily removed by plain rinsing. When used on oily impure skin with enlarged pores, it will reveal a smooth perfectly cleansed skin. On tired, mature skin it will provide a refreshing energizing sensation (from within), with a light tightening effect that ideally prepares the skin for an intensive wrinkle smoothing cream such as Proligne.

Mineral Hygienic Liquid Soap

Mineral Hygienic Liquid Soap

code:  023  200 ml.
          4023 500 ml.

A gentle liquid soap for the face and body which cleanses the skin without disturbing its natural acidity. Contains a wealth of plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals to improve skin hygiene, with active ingredients that are most suitable for very sensitive skin.

Propolis Lotion - for oily problem (acne prone) skin

Propolis Lotion

code:  013  200 ml.
          4013 500 ml.

An astringent facial lotion based on a combination of Dead Sea Mineral water, Sage and Propolis extracts. Has a skin purifying effect on oily, acne prone skin. A stinging sensation, which will disappear upon drying, may be felt temporarily due to the presence of mineral salts. For best results apply several times a day - especially during the humid summer season - to maintain optimal hygienic skin conditions.

Balancer Moisture Balm

Skin Balancer

code:  047  60 ml.
        4047 200 ml.
        7047 600 ml.

A light herbal non oily cream gel ideal for delicate oily or combination skin. Contains fresh Aloe Vera juice and non comedogenic emollients that keep the skin soft and moisturized. Perfect as a moisture enhancer for dry skin types, when used under day or night cream.

Herbal Drying Lotion - for Oily Skin

Herbal Drying Lotion

code:  010   30 ml.
           717   30 ml. (Darker Shade)
         7010 600 ml.

A quick drying Dead Sea mineral lotion for an overnight spot treatment of oily, acne prone skin. This herbal Drying Lotion offers a botanical, non medicated, formula for adolescents that improves hygienic conditions and absorbs excess oiliness. Mediterranean herbs such as Sage and Echinacea (Coneflower) and Witch Hazel act as astringents, while finely powdered minerals (Zinc and calamine) absorb the oily residues, calm local redness and provide a matt appearance.

Ananas Crystal Peeling

Crystal Peeling Ananas

code:  096  60 ml.
        4096 250 ml.

A pasty butter type facial scrub that contains fruit enzymes and mineral scrubbing agents which are activated during regular use. The scrub should not be rubbed on the skin, but gently massaged with the gradual addition of water or with a little Revitalizing AHA Lotion (if stronger exfoliation is desired). This combined action will deep cleanse and purify the skin (also lightens and minimizes the appearance of blackheads) providing a perfectly clean and smooth surface.

Provit Cream Mask - for Oily Skin

Provit Cream Mask

for Oily Skin

code:  153   40 ml.
         4153 150 ml.

Spot treatment for Oily Acne prone skin. This local application creamy mask is rich in (beard) moss powder, which is used as a natural alternative to antibiotics. A wealth of additional natural ingredients (Seabuckthorn, Green Tea, Aloe Vera juice, Knotweed, Myrrh, Thyme) promote skins hygiene, absorb excess oiliness and soothe the skin. Excellent as an overnight treatment for blemished areas!

Astringent Mud Mask for Oily Skin 

Astringent Mud Mask

code:  092   60 ml.
         4092 250 ml.
         7092 625 ml.

An oil free Gel based mask that purifies and soothes oily, problem skin. Contains natural Dead Sea mud and astringent Witch Hazel extract to gently constrict the pores and absorb oily wastes. The mask does not fully dry on the skin, thus eliminating the vicious circle of re-fattening which is caused by over-drying of gentle oily skin.

Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care Products

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