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Anna Lotan Barbados - Care for Sensitive Oily, Combination, Seborrheic Skin & T-zone Redness

C Lightening Care is formulated for lightening and hyper-pigmentation prevention in a gradual lightening treatment program that provides broad environmental protection to prevent premature aging of the skin due to sun exposure, pollution and oxidation. C Lightening Care products are rich in vitamin C for all its most advanced active and durable derivatives (including Ester C, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) that support the lightening process, neutralize free radicals, stimulate regeneration and grant a youthful and vital appearance. The line contains active herbal lightening components like Kojic Acid, Bearberry, Mulberry and Licorice; known to inhibit melanin formation. Also present are premium moisturizers, emollient vegetable oils like Squalane from Olive oil and variety of soothing plant extracts such as Aloe Vera, green tea, Centella, Buddleja Davidii and more vitamins like A and B5. To perfect the formulations the day products also include sun protection. C Lightening Care delivers excellent results for both young and mature skin.

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    Lightening Care Brochure

Anna Lotan Lightening Care Brochure

For a Lighter, Brighter, Vital Appearance!

The C Lightening Care Product line is formulated to provide a gradual treatment program for skin lightening and the prevention of hyper-pigmentation.

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Lightening Care Professional Experience

The Lightening Care Experience

For Skin Care Professionals Only.

code:  953e.

The C Lightening Care Experience allows skin care professionals to gain a "Hands On" introduction to the Anna Lotan C Lightening Care Treatment Protocol. Each kit includes an easy, step by step treatment guide, product directions and sufficient product to perform three full facials.

This product is designated For Professional Use Only

Lightening Care Green Tea Cleansing Foam

Green Tea Cleansing Foam

code: 119  125 ml.

A gentle, cleansing foam made from sustainable, natural origin ingredients (Sulfate free and naturally preserved). Efficiently cleanses without over-drying the skin, leaving it comfortably soft and smooth.Green Tea acts as a natural antioxidant while Wheat proteins and natural emollients soften the skin maintaining its lipid barrier.

The easy to use dispenser optimizes the Foam quantity ready to be applied to all facial areas. Efficiently cleanses without over-drying the skin.

Lightening Care Fresh Sprouts Facial Mask

Fresh Sprouts Facial Mask

code: 234  70 ml.
        4234 225 ml.

A soft pampering facial mask that leaves a soothed, brighter skin, enriched with nutrients derived from the sprouts of Garden Cress.

The liposomal structure of the nutrients protects these vital components, enabling their gradual delivery during mask application. Skin purifying constituents of the sprouts act as free radical scavengers and contribute, together with Mallow extract to the overall soothing effect while Shea butter and Carrot oil serve as softening emollients in the mask. Phospholipids and Sphingolipids, similar to the skins own lipid layer, replenish the skin, enhance its moisture retention and provide an anti stress sensation of comfort.

Lightening Care Fresh C Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Fresh C Exfoliating Facial Scrub

code: 095  50 ml.
        4095 225 ml.

A rich exfoliating butter that deep cleanses the skin giving it a smooth and bright appearance.

Contains a wealth of emollient oils: Jojoba, Seabuckthorn, Shea butter and Coconut oil, to soften and maintain the skin's protective lipid barrier. Vitamin E and especially Vitamin C act as antioxidants and enhance the skin's brightness.

Lightening Care Ester C Concentrate

Ester C Concentrate

code: 794  15 ml.
        4794 100 ml.

A soft moisturizing fluid enriched with Pearl powder extract and potent antioxidants (Vitamin C Ester) for enhanced penetration, combined with an active bio-peptide derived from a unique blend of the amino acid Proline with water lily flowers. Everyday use of this fluid serum has the necessary calming effect to eliminate the free radical damage that can lead to hyper-pigmentation. It is the optimal skin lightening supplement for all skin types.

Lightening Care Formula SPF 14

C White Formula SPF 14

code:  103  50 ml.
        4103 250 ml.
        7103 625 ml.

An ideal day cream for mature, hyper-pigmented skin, or for any type of skin with a tendency to develop uneven pigmentation. Contains ingredients that lighten the skin and calm it, in order to inhibit the process of future melanin formation, associated with skin darkening. The cream may be used on a daily basis as a moisture all-round protection from harmful environmental factors.

Lightening Care Daytime Protection UVA-UVB SPF 30

Daytime Protection UVA-UVB SPF 30

code: 082  50 ml.

This moisturizing day cream provides reliable, broad spectrum protection, essential in preventing the sun damage that can lead to premature aging and hyper-pigmentation. In addition to its high UVB protection, the cream blocks more than 90% of the UVA. Dependable protection from the longer, more penetrating UVA rays is vital for fair, pigmentation-prone skin especially during skin lightening treatments. Delicate and easily absorbed, the cream leaves no white residue on the skinís surface. With a paraben free preservative system, Chamomile Flower extract adds to the soothing effect of the cream, while Vitamins E and C act as natural antioxidants.

Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care Products

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