Anna Lotan Bio-Cosmetic Laboratories - Exclusively manufactures functional products for professional estheticians for use in the professional salon followed by high class retail products (some of which were gathered in this site) for home use of their customers.        
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Anna Lotan Barbados - Care for Sensitive Oily, Combination, Seborrheic Skin & T-zone Redness
Dry skin is usually thin and delicate with barely visible pores, the sebaceous glands are less active and provide less moisture retaining components. This leads to accelerated evaporation of moisture through the skin, lack of elasticity and the premature appearance of fine lines. Anna Lotan Rénova products were especially designed to renew and improve the hydro-lipid layer, supporting the skins barrier function and reducing evaporation. Their efficient long lasting protective quality improve the skins ability to cope with damaging environmental factors and prevent premature aging of the skin.

The pleasant effective moisturizing creams will enrich the skin with premium oils: Wheat Germ, Sesame, Squalane from Olive oil, phytosterols and with water binding components that naturally exist in the skin (such as hyaluronic acid, amino acids), Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, plant extracts, and vitamins such as A and E that act as free radical scavengers, preserving the quality of the enriching oils in the formulations.
Anna Lotan Liquid Gold - The Anti Wrinkle Magic of Siberian Seabuckthorn Care for Mature, Dehydrated Skin
Anna Lotan greens - Anti Aging Care for Mature, Demanding Skin
Anna Lotan CLEAR - Care for oily, problem, acne prone skin
Anna Lotan New Age Control - Modular Skin Renewal Treatment
Anna Lotan C White - Lightening for both Young & Mature Skin
Anna Lotan Rénova - Professional Care for Dry Skin
Anna Lotan Classic - Basic Tender Loving Skin Care
Anna Lotan Alodem - Special Care for Fragile Skin
Anna Lotan Eye Contour - Care for the Most Vunerable Facial Area
Anna Lotan Body Care - Safeguarding Your Skin
Anna Lotan Care for Hands & Feet
Anna Lotan Hypoallergenic Treatment Makeup
Anna Lotan Sun Care - Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
Anna Lotan Supplements - Serums to Optimize Treatments
Anna Lotan Professional - Products for Skin Care Professionals
Anna Lotan Professional Spa Care Products
Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care Accessories
Renova Enriched Shea Butter

Rénova Enriched Shea Butter

With Macadamia Oil and Cocoa Butter

code:  097 100 ml.

Designed to soften and smooth the skin, shea butter significantly extends the skin's moisture retention capacity.

Shea butter helps to prevent dryness and is ideally suited for areas that tend to develop it such as knees, feet or elbows. It is equally beneficial for facial areas such as the eye contour or the lips.

Excellent for professional use for massage of dry areas and for home use by all members of the family.

Rénova Universal Cleansing Gel

Rénova Universal Cleansing Gel 

code:  041 200 ml.
         7041 625 ml.


A cream-gel that gently dissolves make-up and excess sebum from the skin's surface. This cream gel is not based on emulsifiers or chemical surfactants to perform it's cleansing function – but on the gentle dissolving of makeup and other residues left on the skin's surface. The product was dermatologically tested and found to be hypoallergenic. It is ideal as a daily cleanser and makeup remover for delicate and dry skin as it does not leave skin feeling dry after use.

Renova Facial Toner for normal to dry skin

Rénova Facial Toner

code:  021 200 ml.
         4021 500 ml.

A gentle, alcohol-free refreshing toner for everyday use of normal and dry skin. Combines brightening Cucumber extract with softening Seaweed. An excellent follow up for your facial cleansing, that will not only complete the daily facial cleansing but also enhance the performance of the day or night care that follows.

Rénova Dry Skin Balm

Rénova Dry Skin Balm

code:  057  50 ml.
         4057 250 ml.
         7057 625 ml.

This is an Anna Lotan classic - which offers exceptional care for dry skin types. It is an occlusive water in oil emulsion which greatly enhances skin softness for many hours. Contains a wealth of herbal extracts including Hypericum, Sage and Chamomile; oil soluble vitamins such as Vitamin E and A and premium emollient oils that leave the skin silky smooth after even just a single application.

Rénova Bio Peptide Essence

Rénova Recharging Bio Peptide Essence

code: 785  50 ml.
        4785 200 ml.

Rénova Bio Peptide Essence is a soft recharging emulsion that has a remarkable wrinkle smoothing effect on normal to dry and mature skin. A marked cumulative effect will be noticed within 2-3 weeks of use resulting in a much softer and more radiant skin.

Active components contributing to a younger looking appearance include Jojoba, Wheat Germ oil, Brazilian Caryocar seed oil, Shea Butter, soothing Indian Lotus extract and Dead Sea mineral salts. Easily absorbed protein derivatives minimize the signs of aging while stabilized derivatives of vitamins E, A, C and B act as antioxidants to minimize the harmful effects of free radicals. And, a Paraben free preservative system maintains the quality of the natural ingredients in the formulation.

Rénova Bio Essence Treatment Set

Rénova Retinol Active Treatment Set

With Rénova Recharging Bio Essence & Retinol Capsules

code: 785set  50 ml. / 42 caps.

To obtain optimal results, begin your evening treatment with Bio Peptide Essence and then smooth the content of one Rénova Retinol Capsule over it. Retinol, natural Vitamin A, is recognized as an essential supporter of the skins renewal processes. The capsules deliver a silky, natural Retinol skin treatment to smooth and improve skin texture by significantly reducing fine lines and pigmentation spots, the visible signs of aging and sun damage.

When using Retinol Capsules, always protect your skin during daytime with an effective UVA/UVB sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher.

Rénova Retinol Capsules

Rénova Retinol Capsules

code: 4903  80 Capsules

A silky, natural skin treatment delivering Retinol, the purest form of wrinkle penetrating Vitamin A, to significantly reduce fine lines and pigmentation spots - the visible signs of aging and sun damage. Preserved with natural flower extracts, the Retinol Capsules can dramatically improve skin texture and appearance, enhance skin elasticity and moisture content, boost cell renewal and refine pores.

Rénova Beauty Mask for Dry Skin

Rénova Beauty Mask

code:  087  70 ml.
         4087 250 mil.
         7087 625 mil.

A rich mask that softens and nourishes the skin. Is formulated for dry, mature skin as a pampering home beauty treatment. Contains premium quality oils such as Shea butter and Phytosterols, Chamomile extract and Rice Starch have been added to further soothe the skin and Vitamin E to minimize the harmful effect of free radicals on mature skin. Gives the skin a light, smooth, calm appearance.

Rénova Daytime Protection

Rénova Daytime Protection SPF 30

code: 793  50 ml.

A sophisticated day cream that deeply moisturizes the skin and effectively smoothes fine lines. It offers optimal triple care for normal to dry skin: moisture, environmental protection and "a hint of a tint" for a more uniform appearance. Phytosterols and bio-peptides in the formulation function as anti wrinkle components reducing the TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) leaving it noticeably softer and smoother.

Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care Products

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