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Ms. Anna Lotan (1922-2019) was a recognized pioneer of the Israeli professional skin care industry and a highly respected teacher who trained generations of leading estheticians. Ms. Lotan founded the company with the objective of developing functional formulations that would equip licensed estheticians with the tools required to achieve tangible results.

Anna Lotan products are designed not only to improve the appearance of the skin but also relieve specific skin discomforts.

Built in the 90s in the Or Akiva industrial park, our manufacturing plant has now become too small.

A new facility was built to meet the requirements of the company’s expanding activities

All formulations are developed in house at the company’s laboratories, which also provide R&D services to other companies both in Israel and abroad. While the Anna Lotan brand is distributed exclusively to professional estheticians worldwide, other brands are distributed via pharmacies, health food stores and other marketing channels. Many of our products are designed and clinically tested for sensitive or allergic skin before being marketed to the public.

Our Or Akiva plant is equipped with state of the art manufacturing capabilities, ensuring consistently high product quality and comprehensive filling capabilities of thousands of units an hour. Product development and manufacturing focus on advanced emulsion-based formulas (creams) for a wide variety of skin types.

Product quality and safety are our first priority.

Our plant is in compliance with manufacturing standard GMP 22716, in accordance with requirements of the Standards Institute and certified ISO 9001:2008. Our products are certified by the health authorities in Israel, Europe and all other countries where they are sold.
Marketing to skin care professionals is by way of demonstrations and workshops
Personal training kits are provided to estheticians to experience and practice with the products in their own salons. Free advice and consultation is available to beauty therapists using our products.
Our reputation as a leader in professional skin care is recognized worldwide. Our products are distributed in over 40 countries via exclusive distributors who proudly represent the Anna Lotan Israeli skin care brand.